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[Untitled] However, bold typography is a great way to give designs a little extra punch and can do wonders for your image. Bold typography is all about creating impact, but it’s important to remember to direct that impact appropriately.

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[i love typography, the typography and fonts blog] My favourite Typefaces of 2008 | i love typography, the typography ...: Some fun fonts are out these to share, and the site continues to grow. As a side note, happy holidays, thanks for typographic insights that inspire and delight, and best wishes for 2009! Dec 25, 2008 ...

[Ransom Note Typography] Correspondence: I’m sorry, it’s quite difficult to type as I’m laughing so hard at the notion of you over there in your office, scouring sacred and religious texts for an applicable quote. It occurs to me that only you would be so crass and bold as to try and cover your tracks with a divinely inspired quote.

[Untitled] The Typography of Dexter, Serial Cover Star | The FontFeed: Some more Boton on the Esquire cover, this time paired with Stymie Extra Bold Condensed (this one is in FontBook as well but not on It is very faithful to the type laden original covers.

[Web Design Abyss] My favourite Typefaces of 2008 | Web Design Abyss: A very bold slab serif with minuscule slit counters from Silas Dilworth:. cc545_facebuster My favourite Typefaces of 2008.

[Untitled] Anthony Harmon Interview - PSDTUTS: Becoming a web-designer can be quite a time-consuming process so I figured I’d make a list of all the RSS feeds I am subscribed to and read on a regular basis.

[Untitled] The Right Type: 5 Inspiring Typography Tales | Inspiration ...: Furthermore, iconic typography need not be limited to real-life transportation systems: you only need to turn on shows like Lost, with its Oceanic Airlines logo, and the Hanso Foundation’s Bagua-inspired badges. Or what about the cyberpunk trappings of The Matrix Reloaded, in which Mobil Ave is shown on stark tiles before Neo confronts The Trainman?

[Untitled] Sunday Type: paragraph type | i love typography, the typography ...: On my post, each photo links to the original photo page of the actual photographers. As a side note, the top one was was taken by the guy that runs which is another pretty good typography blog to check out.

[Untitled] wilson miner | Typesites: I love the typography but I found the colour choices (foreground text colour against the background) made the text exceptionally hard to read. I double-check the colours with Jonathan Snook’s colour checker and confirmed my suspicions: completely inaccessible to users with poor vision or diminished colour perception.

[i love typography, the typography blog] Sunday Type: paragraph type: My scalpel work doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s still nice to come home to. Jon Tan has written a great article on The Paragraph in Web Typography & Design.

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