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[Noupe] Another GIMP modification that aims to make things easier for former Photoshop users is GIMPshop. Unfortunately, someone hijacked the GIMPshop domain, resulting in a dispute between the original developer and the hacker who was profiting from hijacking the domain.

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[ Linux: Most Popular Articles] GIMPshop: The GIMP Graphics Package With Photoshop Look-And ...: One of the major graphics programs in the free software domain has been GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). It has similar capabilities as Adobe Photoshop and can be used for a variety of tasks, including photo editing and image composition.

[Remax Pueblo Co] 6 Essential Computer software (Boxshot King) Resources Every ...: If you are by now knowledgeable about Adobe photoshop(tm), next look at Gimpshop ( This kind of gimp version actually looks the same as Photoshop(tm).

[Lessfuss News] Free Windows Graphics, Photo & Image Software: GimPhoto replicates the look and feel of Adobe Photoshop rather like Gimpshop, but it offers much more besides .especially if you need a good image editor for professional reasons.

[topfreesoftware] GIMP (and GIMPshop) | Desktop | Top Free Software: It shares all GIMP’s advantages, including the long feature list and customisability, while addressing some common criticisms regarding the program’s interface: GIMPshop modifies the menu structure to closely match Photoshop’s, adjusts the program’s terminology to match Adobe’s, and, in the Windows version, uses a plugin called ‘Deweirdifier’ to combine the application’s numerous windows in a similar manner to the MDI system used by most Windows graphics packages.

[The Feedback Sessions] The Feedback Sessions » Blog Archive » Six Important Software ...: If you are currently knowledgeable about Photo shop(tm), next have a look at Gimpshop ( This gimp edition actually looks and feels just like Photoshop(tm).

[Khairul Anam [dot] co...] The domain is available Continue to registration >>: The domain is available Continue to registration >>. If you want to build a site at this address, please visit us at

[] Amazing (and free) Image Editing Tools ... - Public Domain Blog: The problem that crops up, however, is that Photoshop isn’t cheap and is often out of the budget range for many, especially if they’re just starting out. It doesn’t change the fact that there are still header graphics to create and photos to edit…ebook covers to design and DVD cases to finalize…but sometimes, having the best tools for the job simply isn’t an option.

['s blog] GIMPshop for Windows -'s blog: I'm having a (small) problem, though, in that when I minimize The GIMP and then maximize it again I get a blank, greyed-out 'Open Image' dialogue window, which doesn't respond to attempts to close it. The only way to get rid of said window is to get a proper 'Open Image' window up (File/Open), which then takes the place of the intruder window, and becomes closable.

[Latest Articles on] Top 5 Photoshop Alternatives: To add flexibility to this and get more control of the site, including a branding, a good domain name, nice features, design, the community or even the database, the best possible way is to install social networking software on your server.In terms of navigation, it has almost identical tools featured in Photoshop and allows them to be accessed with ease. Not only is it compatible with a variety of operating systems, but best of all, it is an open source program;

[ITList Information Technology Blog] 5 Free Photoshop Replacement » ITList Information Technology Blog: Adobe Photoshop seems invincible and irreplaceable, and I will not say that this isn’t true.  Adobe Photoshop is very powerful, but not all us needs all its power to do our work, and if we can do the same thing with the open source or free image editing software then why to give an arm and a leg (as price) to do the same thing in Adobe Photoshop?

[] Photoshop Tricks, Volume 3 ... - Public Domain Blog: It’s a new report that continues the tradition of my Photoshop Tricks series with brand new case studies and tricks to give you that product creation edge when using Public Domain images. And the best part is that you really don’t even need Photoshop!

[SherWeb] 5 Open Source Alternatives | Sherweb blog: Gimpshop doesn’t work on OSX 10.6. There are several shortcomings with OpenOffice, particularly in the Find and Replace feature.

[Daily Blog Tips] Grab an image editing software - Daily Blog Tips: I have to admit that Gimpshop is a very attractive alternative for someone who knows Photoshop, but cannot afford an upgrade or a full license version. There are a few differences however, especially with CS2, which I believe makes PS superior over Gimp.

[Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Forum] How can I download Adobe Photoshop CS4? (Free ... - SEO OF INDIA: Post subject: How can I download Adobe Photoshop CS4? (Free Trial) And how. Post Posted: Tue May 31, ... I already download Adobe Photoshop (Free Trial) But it won't open! What systems do I need? I hate torrentz! I don't ...

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