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[Untitled] Thanks to Johno for showing us all these great typefaces, and a special thanks to Dean Meyers for mentioning Fontstruct! I just signed in and it looks like a lot of fun.

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[Untitled] Bold Typography (Uses+Inspiration+Free Fonts) - -: However, bold typography is a great way to give designs a little extra punch and can do wonders for your image. Bold typography is all about creating impact, but it’s important to remember to direct that impact appropriately.

[Untitled] the week in type ”” Zócalo | i love typography, the typography and ...: This is quite the post, Johno. I skimmed through it pretty quickly”¦ will have to set aside a good hour to go through all of it.

[Untitled] Pikaland: The Illustrated Life: Molecular typography: While browsing through BOOOOM’s top ten free fonts that don’t suck, I found the Neo2 blog which lead me to a surprise discovery of these fab Molecular Typography fonts designed by the illustrator-in-training Mithila Shafiq.

[Uploads from mrana] 61: Thank You! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Typography and Lettering (Pool). 0 ! (Pool). 0. Typophile - for the typography obsessed (Pool). 0. Typography * (Pool). 0. Experimental Typography (Pool) ... i love typography (Pool) ...

[Untitled] Noisy Decent Graphics: Quantum of Solace Typography: Thanks for reminding me of this - the QOS location typography was as utterly banal, over-designed, and bereft of even the merest hint of original thought as the film itself.

[Untitled] 33 Amazing Typography Posters and Illustrations | Web Design Ledger: That’s why it is a good idea to turn to other mediums for typography inspiration. Here is a showcase of some of the most amazing typography focused posters and illustrations.

[Untitled] Happy Holidays and Thanks for Reading PSDTUTS! - PSDTUTS: Christmas is almost here and I thought that this is the best time to give some of my Wordpress Themes away for free .There are a total of 6 Wordpress themes up for grabs designed by yours truly.

[Untitled] It’s Time for New Calendars. Seasons Greetings! - Inspiration Bit: A calendar, with its months, weeks and numbers is a perfect medium for showcasing a beautiful typography and elegant grids. I’ve come across some stunning typographic calendars on the Web and so tempted to buy at least one of them.

[Untitled] Free fonts from FontFont | i love typography, the typography and ...: It might just be me, or do you not often seen a ligature in logos? I wonder if it’s because the general public wouldn’t understand what they are when blown up big?

[Floating Lemons: Bit by Bit Blog] Floating Lemons: Bit by Bit Blog: 61: Thank You: And so much has happened since then that I would never have imagined or envisioned. If anyone had told me that in a couple of years I would be drawing and living in French countryside I'd have laughed.

[Untitled] 30 inspiring type treatments | i love typography, the typography ...: I love “Fuck Proper Typography”! Pieces like that, which sever form and content, are always interesting and a bit shocking at times.

[Untitled] The Right Type: 5 Inspiring Typography Tales | The Blog Specialist: Furthermore, iconic typography need not be limited to real-life transportation systems: you only need to turn on shows like Lost, with its Oceanic Airlines logo, and the Hanso Foundation’s Bagua-inspired badges. Or what about the cyberpunk trappings of The Matrix Reloaded, in which Mobil Ave is shown on stark tiles before Neo confronts The Trainman?

[Untitled] Alte Haas Grotesk • Blog Archive • AisleOne: 20 Typefaces of 2008 - Graphic Design Forum and Web Design Forum 12.20.08 / 9am. 11. Posted by alex_gomy Helvetica bold”¦.. thats all you need This is pretty nice too: Alte HaasGrotesk • Blog Archive • AisleOne ...

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